Tahitian Pearls and feeling stupid


My name is Misty, I live in Utah. Long story short I drill Tahitian
Pearls, typical drilling and for special designs. I bet you didn’t
know that Utah was full of Tahitian Pearls.

Well, it’s not. I am affiliated with a pearl farm. So I can drill
them, string them, sell them, etc. I am absolutely passionate about
designing jewelry, and trying new things. But, I am in no way a
skilled jeweler. I have my niche, and I’m doing my best to research
and learn. The more I learn, it’s obvious how little I know. I just
feel stupid.

Is there anybody out there interested in collaborating, and
interested in finding solutions for unique ideas?

Believe me, I will share my info freely, as I have seen people do
here. This list has been extremely helpful.

Mistycal Jewelry & Silk

Hi Misty , Sounds like you love what you do, that’s what it’s all
about!!! I would love to talk to you more about the pearls. I am a
pearaholic!!! They are one of my favorite things to design with.
drop me a line, off line I’d love to yack and share ideas.


hello, I am not much of a jeweler, but I design the jewelry for my
tahitian dance company, and I am full of ideas! I would love to
collaborate with you!.


Hi Misty, I am a jeweler who works almost exclusively with Tahitian
and South Sea Pearls. I am willing to chat, brainstorm, etc.,
e-mail me off the post at custjewel@aol.com.

Elizabeth Fien
Waimanalo, Hawaii