Tagua nut and peanut allergy

. . . a few of my students have *severe* peanut allergies. When I
say severe I mean that it's up to the staff to keep one eye on
everything else and the other on *any* tree nut product . . 

Hi Terry.

I might suggest an internet search on allergies, especially through
the USDA and Dept of Health sites. Also search for support groups for
such allergies and post questions there. Check botanical sites for
the genus and species of the tagua nut; i.e.: what family is it in and
are there common relatives of the tagua nut and other products which
provoke reactions in peanut-sensitive individuals.

I do not believe that peanuts are classified with “tree nut” products
as they are produced by vines and grow underground. The connection
with tree nuts most probably has to do with the fact that almost any
nut available commercially will have been processed on lines which
have also processed peanuts - making it virtually impossible to
guarantee that they are free of traces of the offending product.
Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix