Tact (trying on earrings)

Speaking as a consumer - if an artist at a show offers to let me
try on earrings, they have just lost the sale. Alcohol wipes are a
sweet touch but they aren’t effective. I understand the
psychological allure of wearing an earring instead of simply
looking at it on a card, but having had several ear infections I
would not want to unknowingly transmit or receive an infection
through such a practice. I also do not let people try on my
earrings for this reason.

~kara (in San Francisco where it’s raining yet_again - I think I’m
growing gills)

At several craft shows, I have seen discreet signs posted above
earring display cases: “to our customers: For sanitary reasons
,earrings may not be tried on.Thank you .” Once the notice appears
in print, the customer is more or less compelled to recognize it
as dealer policy and not a personal insult. The appalling
ignorance of simple hygiene by so many supposedly educated people
truly amazes me… ,