Tack welder question

I have a small side business making jewelry and do do mostly
sterling silver and stones. Is a tack welder a worthwhile investment?
I feel like I spend a lot of time soldering and resoldering when I
have very smallpieces that are hard to hold into place that I am
soldering together. I have seen them on popular websites for about
$1K. My husband says you can get them from China for a few hundred
dollars. Just wondering whatfolks think.

Bernadette Johnson

Hello Bernadette

I do not know what to tell you about an inexpensive no name welder
off the internet. I have never used one. At those prices I just
can’t imagine they could be very controllable or consistent
especially at low power settings and with difficult metals. There
are two great proven brands in the jewelry industry that will easily
deliver consistent and repeatable welds on all metals. The PUK 4.1
welder by Lampert of Germany and the Orion 150s by Sunstone USA.
Both great machines. There are plenty of tutorials and YouTubes out
there on both Brands.

If the online machines don’t call for argon or can’t accommodate
adding argon you will definitely not get good welds.

Sessin Durgham
Rio Grande

Hi Bernadette

In my experience it didn’t work, I still having the Tack II It’s
works fine with Platinum and Gold but it is very difficult on