Tack Welder and Silver wire work

I have two questions about tack welders. I often build wire
basket settings for Would a tack welder be useful
for this kind of work? I also build my models for these
settings in sterling. Will a tack welder work on sterling?

I don’t know much about tack welders, but I don’t understand why
you would want to use this on your wire baskets. Easy solder
and a small torch tip would probably work best for your sterling
sliver peices. Amanda

The tack welder will only work if you are tacking at a contact
between two pieces which is their only contact with each other.
The nature of this contact, how large or small it is and its
firmness, will determine how much current you need and whether
you will get a successful tack or a mess. Once you have joined
two wires in a basket setting they can’t be tacked to each other
again. I believe that silver will tack. Tom Kruskal