Tack Welder - A.B.I. TackII

We are looking into buying a tack welder dose anyone have advice on
this subject. Type cost uses etc. Dose anyone have info on A.B.I.
TackII? Thanks In Advance

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I can fax or snailmail you a copy of a reprinted article from a
recent issue of AJM magazine. It is a review from a user’s
standpoint on several types of machines for soldering including 2
brands of water torches and several brands of tack & fusion welders
including the Tack II and Tack III.

Just send me your fax number or snail mail address to
@ElaineEC and I will be happy to get it to you. Anyone else
who’s interested also - just let me know.

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin

Dear Billy Bob, I have both the Tac 1 & Tac 2. Give me a call and I’ll
fill you in. Best Regards,

Todd Hawkinson,
TR the Teacher

Billy Bob: You may want to contact either EFD Fusion, East Providence,
Rhode Island or Triad, Inc., Chartley Massachusetts. Both of these
companies make fusion welding machines as well as offer the service.
I have heard good things from customers who use their equipment.

Andrea Guyot
Guyot Brothers Company, Inc.

Triad’s support is very helpful and they even send out a newsletter
with helpful hints etc. Rick Hamilton

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Dear Elaine, This morning I mentioned your company and referred to you
as “Elaine Thompson”…I 'm writing to apologize in advance. I can
only explain my faux pas as a probable “Freudian slip” ( I used to
have a girlfriend called Elaine Thompson )
My apologies…Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.