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Tack II

I was looking at the Tack II at a tech show in LA. I was wondering
what experience anyone has had with it. In the Krazy glue thread
someone said it does not work on silver. Sue

I like my Tack II, I also had (have) a Flash which I was very
disappointed with! The Tack is a far better product in my world. If
you get one get the tweezers with separate poles on each side. This
is good for tacking wedding sets & as well as heads & the like, having
only one tool to fight with is useful!

Mark Chapman
Whitewolf Jewelry Arts

Yes, there are problems in using silver with theTack machines because
of silver’s high conductivity and low resistance. You could always use
fusion findings, but I’m not sure what you are looking to do with the
machines. I was told that the newer models can work on silver better
but it takes practice to get the right settings. Visit the ABI website
and call them in Rhode Island. They will be more than happy to answer
any questions you might have.