Tabletop casting tool by Ti-Research

Hello Orchid. Do you know about the tabletop casting tool by longtime Ganoksin member Ti-Research (aka @SCser)? We’d like to thank them for being a Platinum supporting member by introducing you to their casting tool. They are offering 10% off for Ganoksin members right now. Thanks @SCser!

Cast and Cast/T by Ti-Research are centrifugal casting machines for small scale production.

Benefits include

  • No headaches with shipping of patterns
  • No expensive shipping of valuables
  • No delays with casting jobs
  • Full flexibility with customer preferences
  • Casting of one of a kind designs
  • Casting on demand, even same day
  • Full control of expenses
  • Your design from the idea to the finished piece under your roof

Conventional wax patterns, state of the art printed parts, natural objects, and more!

This tool is made of stainless steel, that is robust, long lasting, safe, easy to use, low maintenance and top value.

Cast provides:

  • versatility in use of metals from silver, gold, stainless steel, and platinum
  • better results by centrifugal force unrivaled by vacuum only
  • higher level of protection from operational hazards by fully closed cabinet
  • robust quality by all stainless steel design Made in Germany

Video demonstration:

Learn more about Cast and Cast/T by clicking here

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