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Syn. Diamonds

I have been hearing about the new synthetic diamond for the past
couple years. Also watched a TV show about their development. I
am a bit concerned about their impact on the diamond market, and
am wondering if there is any method available today to detect the
synthetics. I have seen quite a growth of the certified diamond
market for the past couple years which I attribute to the syn
"scare". Any input?

Bryan B Hoffhaus

FEAR OF CREATED DIAMONDS is unrealistic. Vernuille did not ruin
the ruby market with flame fusion ruby in 1900…Mikimoto was not
responsible for the demise of natural pearls, Carroll Chatham did
not move the natural emerald market in 1936, nor have any other
stones we introduced since. So it is with a great deal of
confidence that I state there will be no erosion of the natural
diamond market. However, whenever a new stone has been
introduced, there has been a fair amount of "chicken littles"
running around the trade. Relax. BUT…stay up to date. The GIA,
the FGA, Debeers, every major lab in the world has the equipment
to seperate the created diamond from the natural. Unlike prior
introductions, this development was announced way in advance of
quantities hitting the market. During that time a lot of study
has taken place and continues daily. We give stones and a lot of
money to the GIA for research. The results of that research is
available through the GIA. I advise everyone to subscribe to GEMS
AND GEMOLOGY…it is a very inexpensive source of everything you
should know about seperation. Oh, and you should read it too!

Tom Chatham