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[Symposiums] Craft Year 2007 Canada

Hi Gang

June will be a busy month for the Alberta College of Art + Design
(ACAD) here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. These will all be in
celebration of Craft Year 2007 in Canada. Both Charles Lewton-Brain
and I are fully involved in this. If other members of Orchid do
attend please introduce yourself as I would love to meet you.


There are two conferences at the Alberta College of Art and Design
this June, beginning on the 10th and running through the 17th. The
first is Invisible/Visible, a conference for contemporary
craftspeople, with Bronfman winner Peter Powning as keynote speaker. The city will have many craft
exhibitions, including “All About Alberta” at the Nickle Arts Museum,
and at ACAD

The second is the CODA conference, North Americas organization of
craft administrators, held for the first time outside the United
States and hosted by the Alberta Crafts Council and the Alberta
College of Art + Design.

There are five craft workshops at ACAD on June 8-10 in association
with the Invisible/Visible symposium and the international CODA
conference. The workshops are open to conference delegates and
members of the community.

Please register for these workshops through Extended Studies at
ACAD. Go to and view the Extended Studies calendar for
course details and how to register.

Karen Bahr - Karen’s Artworx
Calgary, Alberta, Canada