Switching to Gold

Dear Orchidians, Has anyone out there increased their use of
gold in the past year or so – perhaps making a move from working
exclusively in silver or other materials to working with gold?
I’m working on an article on gold prices for Lapidary Journal,
and I was wondering if the price of gold influenced your
decision. Was your decision motivated by lower gold prices, or
did you not even think about price until you’d placed your gold
order? If you’ve been working in gold for a little while, have
you noticed a cost difference in your gold purchases?

I look forward to hearing from anybody with thoughts on how the
price of gold affects the studio jeweler. I can be reached via
e-mail at SuWade@ici.net or via phone at 508-339-7366.

Thanks all!

Suzanne Wade
Phone/Fax 508-339-7366

Suzanne, I have been working in gold my whole career, but the
single most important change that the steady (low) gold price
has made to me is that I don’t feel preasure to buy gold in
bulk. I feel I can buy the material as I need it without the
stress of wondering if gold prices will go through the roof. I
have been able to price my work consistantly. I really love
buying inventory as I need it, my inventory cost is lower and
cash flow is so much better, even though my postage costs are

Larry Seiger
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler

Dear Suzanne The only thing the price of gold did was emphasis to
me how much is paid in “processing” charges so i went out and
bought some K-rands and now make my own alloys…more work but
much cheaper Ron

PS just as a memo to others no matter how good the deal DO NOT
buy silver in 100 OZ blocks unless you have facilities to smelt
and reform 6.25 lbs of silver at one time or have an industrial
shear to cut it into chunks that are
a useable size

Ron, don’t know if you are aware but K rands are Not 100 % gold they
are 1 oz of pure gold with a copper alloy added. Sugest you try
Mapleleafs or Swiss credits. both are pure gold. Frank