Switching to a polishing cabinet


I’m new to jewelry making and I’m seeking some advise. I’ve been
polishing all of my pieces with my flex shaft, which works fine, but
now my studio is FULL of polishing compound & it takes a little
longer than I’d like. I’m thinking of switching to a “polishing
cabinet” from rio, & I’m wondering if this will help with all the
dust, or if I have to buy a separate vacuuming system? And advise
would be MUCH appreciated!

Thank a lot,

I have a two speed Baldor dental lathe sealed polishing motor with a
Rio dust collector. Works like a dream. You will be glad you have a
polishing motor and the sealed unit lasts better because it doesn’t
let dust in the motor. Buying a polishing motor was the second
machine I bought after the flexshaft. I had worked in jewelry
production studio and just had to do it faster than the flexshaft