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Switching fuels

I switched from acetylene gas to propane and I’m not sure if my
working pressures are all off, but my flame with my larger tips
seems to be too “fluffy”. There’s not a nice compact blue flame as
with acetylene, but a imprecise cone. Any advise on using propane
will help me. Thanks.

Cindy Leffler @ Leffler Jewelry and Sculpture


I’ve never used propane, however if you are working with platinum
the propane may not generate enough heat and will contaminate your
piece. For platinum one of the best torches would be an aqua torch.

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Hi Cindy; Make sure that the gas regulator you’re using can be used
with propane. Not all regulators can be used with either acetylene
and propane interchangeably. If that’s not the problem, dial up your
oxygen regulator a bit. I’m using, alternately, a Meco torch and a
Midget torch, with oxygen and propane. I keep my regulators set
around 7 pounds each. I’ll change those settings up or down a little
depending on the kind of tip I’m using. Again, I’m assuming you’re
using both gas and oxygen. If you’re using an “inspirator” type
torch like the “Presto-lite” type, you’re using only gas, and propane
and acetylene have quite different characteristics. Acetylene burns
hotter, so it draws air into the mix better with certain types of
torches, and the same is true of propane (which generally depends on
more pressure and subsequent velocity to “inspire” air into the
mixture). Different gases, different mixing configurations. Fill us
in more precisely on all the components of your system and we’ll be
able to provide more dependable advise.

David L. Huffman

 the propane may not generate enough heat and will contaminate
your piece.... 

Beg to differ, here, Jay…Propane (with Oxygen) is fine for welding
and soldering platinum, I’ve used it for years. Acetylene, however,
will contaminate platinum and is not recommended. -BK in AK