Swest. vs Stuller

    Good morning, Since swest is now part of the Stuller family.
You can purchase though the swest company. 

If that is true, why will Swest easily sell to me and Stuller makes
extremely difficult! When I requested a catalog from Stuller they
wanted and arm, a leg and my first born, before they would do
business with me! Swest pleasantly sent me their catalog.


Stuller will not sell to just anybody and rightly so… They want to
be sure you are in the jewelry trade in some business capacity…
They do require a tax ID number for proof of business. They have a
very large inventory of goods including a massive diamond
inventory… If Joe Shmoe were able to get a Stuller account he
could buy diamonds and jewelry at cost and such…


I agree with Tom about Stuller being tough to buy from. I had a
rough time trying to talk to anyone past the credit department. I
had to go to Swest and Rebecca at the Sales Dept. was a very
pleasant person to deal with.

Kenneth Singh

I have done business with both Swest and Stuller for a number of
years. I live in the Dallas area and did business with Swest for
years before ordering from Stuller. My experience is just the
opposite, I have must better service from Stuller. I have found the
ladies on the phone in the order department are very pleasant and the
company in general better than Swest. I am a small dealer so size has
nothing to do with it.

Tom, Logic is not infallible nor is it black OR white. Stuller is the
prime supplier to forty thousand brick and mortar jewelers. If they
were to open up the floodgates to the mass market, as has Fire
Mountain Gem, they would alienate their volume high ticket accounts.
Swest is not nearly as diversified as Stuller and much of what they
sell has long been made available to a broader segment of the
public. Every company has its own operational criteria. And, every
company seems to have its niches ; Swest, for example, has a nice
catalog with castings for which you can also buy wax patterns. As
for Fire Mountain , I find them to be a good source of freshwater
pearls and you can get greta deals by buying in quantity.

And by the way, Swest IS owned by Stuller and chances are that if
you are a Stuller account holder you will also qualify for an open
account with Swest… Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos , CA.

P.S. Happy to report a best ever Christmas, but can’t wait to kick
back…two weeks of back to back days with crammed deadlines is a
killer. Time to take a fun little jaunt to Quartzsite. I’ll need the
rest inasmuch as I have not done any repairs for weeks and there is
a pile stacked up on my bench ! Merry Christmas !

Hey, are you telling me that I can call Stuller and still do
business with Swest? Stuller has been impossible to deal with (they
really only like to deal with established jewelry stores) I had been
a customer with Swest since 1970 and really miss them. They used to
have a shop in Atlanta but that closed up.

Jennifer Friedman

Ken sorry you had trouble with the Stuller credit department. We get
so many calls. As a vendor of Stuller if you need anything you could
of contacted me or Darin and we would made sure you were handled
properly. As you know mistakes happen and we are ready to stand up
and correct them, hope you have a safe holiday.

Andy "Tool Man"
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