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Sweet to share

A Gift of Giving.

I am preparing the registration for the next semester of classes at
Whaley Studios. This is not a solicitation. This is me, Terrie
sharing some sweet moments.

In the last few days, a couple of gentlemen, unknown to me have
contacted me about gifting their lady friends with s semester of
classes. Yes, both are signed up. Today, I was given permission to
speak with one of the ladies, is she ever stoked. What a great idea.

In the midst of a continuous week of rain, today a young lady
appeared. Jay and I know of her, but have not previously met her. Her
boyfriend has been a student of jay’s, but has been working out of
the area, so we rarely see him. Recently, he took a few hours with
Jay, and that was good. Coincidentally, he was the winner of an in
house unannounced prize. He was the 200th person to join our web
site. Still unbeknownst to him, his next hours with Jay are “on the

Today his “girlfriend” appeared wanting to buy silver for him as his
Christmas gift. She told us that he had so many beautiful carved
waxes ready for casting and she felt gifting him the silver would be
good. Of course we agreed and sent her onto our favorite silver
source, a family owned coin shop.

To me, an admitted sentimentalist, these gifts are ones that will
live forever. Well thought out and presented with pleasure. I also
think all three relationships have a great chance of lasting.

Hopefully, all here have similar stories. They sure made my day.


Terrie, thanks for posting this. For me, too, I find it very
rewarding to be involved in some way to help people express their
love with such a personalized gift. As you said - well thought out
and suited to the recipient.

Hearing back later from the recipient how perfect the gift was and
how much they appreciate your involvement not only makes your day but
reinforces that impression about the relationship! I love my job!!

Pam Chott