Swedish Federation of Amateur Geologists

Dear Friends,

Do you have a link to the Swedish Federation of Amateur
Geologists, SARF, in Sweden?

The old address has been the past two years:


or any of the following sub-chapters and 250 pages of information
starting with the first URL address.

This site and address is now down and will be removed at the end
of March 19= 99.

The Swedish Federation, SARF, has now a new address and running

The Englis site map address is:

Please update your link to us and remove the old link address.
The best way of updating the link is to remove the
“obbit.se/~sarf/” and replace it with “sarf.org”. All the
sub-chapters have the same address as previously, sarting now
with http://www.sarf.org/

Thank you very much for your help.

With best regards,
Antti Hulterstrom