Sweatshop Jewelry

Judy, that is a very picturesque story about the making of the
jewelry you bought on The Shopping Channel.

You can get other picturesque stories of working conditions in
Thailand at


such as this one-


Or you could go here


for a human rights report on Thailand which speaks of the buying and
selling of human beings, including children and whole families, for
purposes such as sweatshop labor, indentured servitude and sexual

Corporations don’t get their product made half way around the globe
because it’s picturesque. They do it because that’s where they they
can profit the most from exploiting the lack of safety, labor and
environmental regulations, and the poverty and desperation of the

I would not personally wear, or recommend that anyone wear, the
bitter fruit of sweatshop labor. It’s just not pretty.

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry

End of forwarded message

Lee- Thank you. You’ve raised a serious issue that every
metalsmith/tradesperson should be aware of. The horrible price that
’cheap labor’ costs. In suffering, health, lack of education and
oppression of the third world labor forces. As well as the
out-of-work tradesperson in the US.

We’ve worked to pass restrictions on ‘blood diamonds’ now is the
time to address the enslaved work force.

Why are none of the trades’ journals discussing this subject?

I’ve given up the assumption that ignorance is bliss.

Sincerely, Kim Eric Lilot.