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Swarogem setting system


Anybody have experience with the Swarogem setting system. Rio
Grande offers it with synthetic stones, does anyone know if its
offered with natural stones as well? looks interesting to me for
certain thin, quick, settings. Thanks, Brooks


Hi Brooks,

Yes they do. You can find out more by calling 1-800-555-1212
this is 800 Get Swarogems 800 number and request a

Good Luck,


Skip Meister
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Brooks, Contact Lisa Avery at Swarogem
for more info. They were demonstrating these at the NY MJSA show.
I think they are great. They come in precious and semi precious
gemstones too. They are available in 14k and 18k as well as just
plated metal.


Is anyone currently using the swarogem presetting system out
there, I recently noticed a message posted by Brooks and there
were no responses about it. We would love to hear from people
that have used the preset stones or have learnt something about
it, I look forward to your responses and notes on this subject.
Heather @Lyncre_Pty_Ltd_613_5