Swarogem pre sets

 I too have used Swarogem pre sets- My problem is that the presets
can pop out too easily if you prey around them.  Not good.  I have
used epoxy in an emergency in some instances even tho I have doing

This seems to be one of the most common problems experienced by
people, and it’s a real worry. Preset will become loose if the drilled
holes are not perfectly round, we find that if collets are used to
hold drill bits in very precision drilling machines better results can
be achieved however we must admit a few failures still result. I have
also noticed that some of the USA suppliers may not be providing enough
to customers about the correct drill sizes for various
presetting types. In fact swarovski does have quite a few different
drill bits available, they are expensive and they do break at times, we
all need access to cheaper drill bits. We are currently working on
improved methods of installing presets. Hopefully we will have more
news about it soon, otherwise it will be another very expensive
nightmare for us. We are very keen to hear from others using or about
to try the system. Swarovski may have released the preset system a bit
too early, I know their technical people are working very hard in
Austria to expand and further develop the system, it will be excellent
in the long term, but at this moment we all seem to be beta testers of
the product and it’s costing us plenty. best regards from Heather
Casey ps: If your listening out there Mr Swarovski, please help us a
little more…