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Swanstrom adjustable jaw pliers

Hi All. In case you haven’t curled up yet with this year’s Rio tool
catalog, one new item really caught my eye- the new series of
adjustable-jaw pliers made by Swanstrom. The angle of the jaws is
fully adjustable within their range. So they can be parallel or any
number of other angles, with various jaw openings. They’re probably
deceptively simple, but my first thought was why hadn’t anyone done
this before. It’s a very elegant design, with the caveat that there
are small screws and Allen wrenches involved, so a little extra care
is needed.

One of the coolest features is that the jaws are replaceable and
interchangeable, made in a variety of shapes and alloys. So you
could have one set of handles and a variety of jaws for different
purposes. Some are made to be easily modifiable for a variety of
tasks. Nice! My wheels started turning immediately.

Lots of others must have picked up on these, because it took me over
a month to get them. I’m sure they have uses yet to be discovered.
No connection, just a fan with lotsa pliers. And they’re made in the

Allan Mason
Hermosa Beach, CA

I was very pleasantly surprised to be woken up by the postman this
morning, delivering my copy of Rio’s new tools catalogue. What a joy!
When I registered with them and placed my order they said they’d send
me copies of all their catalogues but sadly they never arrived so I’d
not had the pleasure of perusing them before.

Thanks Rio. Your catalogue is a real pleasure to use - nicely laid
out and with full colour pictures of everything, together with lots
of handy hints to do with tools and processes. I’ll be going through
it later and ringing everything on my wish list!

Now I just need a copy of the gems/findings and display/packaging