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Susan McDonough Jewelry
Alexander, NC USA

I became fascinated to the point of obsession with the Etruscan process of Granulation over a decade ago. Granulation involves tiny spheres formed under heat through colloidal adhesion, precisely placed on a prepared surface of the same material then fused with a torch. From the creation of the granules and sheet, the cleaning and surface preparation of the components to the fusing of the bezels and granules to the actual joining of the pieces, many hours of work can be made or lost in a millisecond with the flash of the gold at fusing temperature. Jewelry fabrication is great if you love to problem solve and I do! I "grew up" in Asheville, NC and was classically educated with a degree in Philosophy in NM, then spent the past 18 years in Maine melting things and obsessing over stones. Having recently moved back to the mountains of WNC I plan on making pretty things and using lots of tools. I find inspiration in nature, space specifically - the movement of the planets and ce lestial bodies fascinate me.

Materials: 18k gold, Ruby and Emerald cabochons Dimensions: 2mm x 14mm

Ruy and Emerald cabochons bezel set in fabricated rings of 18k gold

Photo credit: Susan McDonough

Blue-green Tourmaline 22k Granulation and Baroque Pearls

Materials: 22k gold, 18k gold, Baroque Pearls, Tourmaline Cabochon
Dimensions: 1.5" x 1"

Blue-Green Tourmaline bezel-set in 22k gold Granulation strung on silk with Baroque Pearls and a forged 18k clasp

Photo credit: Susan McDonough

Hot Pink Tourmaline Cabochon in 22k gold Granulation

Materials: 22k gold
Dimensions: 1.5" x 1"

Hot Pink Cabochon bezel-set in 22k gold granulation with woven 18k gold chain and forged clasp

Photo credit: Susan McDonough