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[Survey] Financial Compensation For Jewelry Designers

Dear professional designers for the Jewelry Industry,

This is your invitation to participate in the first ever survey of
this type: Financial Compensation For Jewelry Designers.

This survey is being run by the Jewelry Design Professionals’
Network (JDPN). Our organization was created by and for jewelry
designers to address their unique issues and needs.

With this survey, we mean to address the lack of faced
by many designers when they are setting prices for their services, be
they freelance or in-house, per diem or on a per design basis. Time
and again, designers are unaware what the going prices for their
services because there are virtually neither guidelines nor sources
of sound

The purpose of this survey is to make available to jewelry designers
throughout the United States what the financial compensation is for
jewelry designers within various categories, such as location,
education, age group, professional experience, industry segments, and

When the final results of the survey are collated, jewelry designers
will be able to more confidently determine what their financial
compensation should be, be they graduating students or experienced
designers changing their locations or industry segments.

The more designers who participate in this survey, the more accurate
the results. We mean to publicize this survey in every way possible
but you can also help but forwarding this along to jewelry designers
you know.

Slightly more than 300 designers have filled out our questionnaire
so far but we need far more! Please consider taking the time to
participate and then forward this message on to whoever you know who
designs jewelry for the jewelry industry.

Thank you for your kind attention to this issue that affects all of
us designer!

Dana Buscaglia
JDPN President