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Surface to reticulate on?


I have started playing with reticulation on silver. First try was on
a ceramic solder board. Next try was on a ceramic fiber solder board.
The solid ceramic board soaked up a lot of heat so that I over heated
the surface of the metal before the rest of the sheet reached
temperature. The ceramic fiber board seemed better as far as allowing
me to heat the metal easily and seemed much better. What I am
wondering is what surface are people using that are giving good
results when they reticulate. I figure asking will be a lot faster
than torching some silver on every surface we have.

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Use a clean piece of fiberfrax or kaowool board insulation . Keep
a piece reserved for reticulation so it doesn’t pick up flux
contamination. Flux eats the boards. You can get the board from a
hot glass workers supply. See the book “Metal Technic” edited by
Tim Mcreight.