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Supporting ear lobe


In one of my trade journals I saw a product advertised which
could be stuck on the back of an ear lobe and would enable
someone who has torn their ear lobe by wearing heavy pierced
earrings to once again wear pierced earrings. I�ve searched high
and low but can�t find the ad. Does anyone know about this. At
the time I read the ad I didn�t have a need for it but now I
have a customer who is interested. Isn’t that the way!

Susie Morgan
Elegant Metal Creations


Susie , I saw it too. I think it was in one of those new product
sections. You might try contacting the editorial staff of the
magazines. From what I saw it is a tacky pad that you stick to
the back of your ear. Good Luck, Etienne Perret

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Dear Susan: Most findings suppliers, certainly Rio Grande, e.g.,
carry clear plastic discs which can be placed against the back of
the earlobe, between the ear and the earring clutch. Better
still, replace the original clutch with one which incorporates
the disc. They are made in silver- or gold tone, also Rio
Grande. These are for earrings with posts. With a shepherd’s hook
(wire) design, and maybe with a hoop, you could probably work
with a rubber or soft plastic clutch which could be coaxed up
the wire and into place against the ear.Anything that can be held
snugly in place is the idea. Extra large clutches are made in
sterling silver and 14k gold for the same purpose of providing
extra support. Hope this helps… Margery Epstein


Susie: I was hoping someone else would have the info closer at
hand but seeing no answer posted to your query I checked my files
and found an article I had clipped from Aug. '99 JCK , p. 44, I
believe identifying 2 products: The Lobe Wonder: Bradvica Co.,
P.O. Box 660442, Arcadia, CA 91066 (626) 447-0065 and
EarSpressibles through Blue Moon Licensing, 6 E. Main St., Suite
6C-4, Ramsey, NJ 07446 (800) 826-2487 or (201)236-2223. Both are
described as light and flexible adhesive patches which are
designed to assist women wear heavier earrings or to stabilize a
torn or stretched hole. The Lobe Wonder retails from $6 to $7
keystone for a box of 60 patches. (They are discarded after a
day’s wear). The others also sell a box of 60 for $4.95. I
haven’t tried either brand but intended to order some and thus
kept the article. Hope this is what you are looking for. Sheridan


Thank you to all who replied to my inquiry. Sheridan had the
right product and I’ve ordered them. My clients ear lobe has
torn almost completely through from wearing heavy earrings. I’m
anxious to see if these will help her. Special thanks to
Sheridan for giving me the phone numbers. I dug out that issue
of JCK and have torn the page out too.

Susie Morgan