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[Support] The Late John Heller

John Heller past away over the weekend. He was teaching a class out
in Worchester Ma on Saturday and Sunday. When he did not show up for
class on Sunday his students became concerned. He died of a heat
attack. John had health problems, but nothing that would indicate
this kind of problem.

John Heller was a professor at Bridgewater State College and taught
not only Jewelry classes, but sculpture, ceramics and design classes
as well. He was most well known for his jewelry. John was a great
friend and mentor, he made great contributions to our little
subculture and will be sorely missed. He is the reason I became a
metalsmith. He has made so many contributions in so many ways to so
many people and organizations that it would be quite difficult to
recount them all here, in any case I’m probably not the one to do so.

No arrangements have been made yet, his only relative is his mother
who is in her 80’s and living in Florida. Bridgewater State College
is talking about having a memorial service for John in April. If
anyone is interested in more info please email or call me directly.


Eddie Colbeth