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Supply prices increase trend?

Was: Stuller does not accept credit cards

Also I have noticed that prices are going up and up at Rio on the
products I buy from them. Has anyone else noticed this or is it
just related to the products I am buying? 

Gerry - I’m noticing the price increases also. Ouch! I’m thinking I’m
really glad I stocked up on metals a year ago… what I’m paying for
what I’m having to buy now really hurts. Around here what folks are
willing to pay for finished work hasn’t gone up to match the increase
in raw goods. Tough situation.

Beth in SC

I only order from Rio things I can’t get anywhere else, like sunshine
polishing cloths. Their prices are definitely higher than other
suppliers and they are promoting themselves as a resource for
professional jewelers but they charge hobbyist prices. And high
hobbyist prices at that.

Rick Copeland

I am going to hazard a guess, here - perhaps because Rio is retail
and buys gold and silver and platinum mill products, perhaps it’s
trying to recoup diminished/lost margins in those areas by
increasing prices in other areas.