Suppliers of precious metals


I wanted to tell you a story about what has happened to me with Rio
Grande. I am disabled and recently (6 months) have had to be in a
wheelchair…to make a long story short, Vocational Rehab. is
working with me to help me get a few tools and supplies so that I
can continue to make jewelry till things pick up. Well one of the
things I really need is sterling silver wire and sheet metal. All
Rio has to do is sign a form (w-9) fax it back to my counselor and
she can make them a state vendor…that way the state can pay them
for the invoice. Rio is not interested! Can you believe this?? I
know that I can buy from other companies and several have been very
happy to fill out the form and send it back, one being,
very nice people, but their precious metal is a little higher than
Rio’s and I am trying to get the most for my few dollars. Also,
Contenti has really been wonderful, but they don’t sell precious
metal. Does anyone know where I can buy Sterling Silver sheet and
wire (12ga) at a reasonable price per oz? Who would be willing to
fill out a simple form and fax it in?

I plan to purchase my tools from the above companies…Rio has
proved to me that they are not interested in my few dollars and I am
very sad about that.

Please let me know of any suppliers of precious metals.

Thank you for listening to my story.

Pat Everett, President


Don’t know if these guys will do it, but try Metalliferous, they
have a most extravagant selection of silver. This is the address

Another is, do a Google for jewelry supplies you will be buried in


Dear Pat,

Without seeing the actual request your counselor made, I will be
making a few guesses here. And I will be happy to review the request
personally if you would like to suggest your state contact make the
request again, this time directly to my attention.

We are frequently requested to submit W-9s for purposes such as
yours, and most times we fill them out and return them immediately.
However, many states are attempting to force out-of-state
corporations to pay state taxes, and in addition to the request for
the W-9, they include a requirement that we “register” with the
state. We refuse to do that, because it creates a tax liability for
us and our customers in that state.

As a New Mexico corporation, we pay taxes in the State of New Mexico
and to the Federal Government. We do not have facilities in any other
state in the United States (including your state of North Carolina),
and we do not intend to charge or pay taxes in any other state

Our instruction to our Accounts Receivable department - who
processes requests for W-9 forms - is clear. If just the W-9 form is
requested, process immediately. If additional forms are required,
they are reviewed by our tax and legal department. If no tax
liability is created by the other forms, we approve the processing.
Only those forms which create a state tax liability are rejected.

As I said, if you would like to resubmit, I will personally review
the request. However, if there are additional requirements similar to
a state registration, I’m afraid it will be rejected again.

It’s not that we’re not interested in your business, Pat. I think
our regular customers will tell you that we at Rio Grande pride
ourselves on taking care of the independent designing jeweler, and we
aim to treat each one as if they are Tiffany’s. I’m terribly sorry if
you are caught in this particular tax net.


Andrea M. Hill
Chief Executive Officer
The Bell Group
7500 Bluewater Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121
505.839.3033 ph
505.839.3032 fx

Sorry to hear about your medical problems. You could try Reactive
Metals in New Mewico and Hover & Strong in New York both sell


Hi Pat,

I plan to purchase my tools from the above companies...Rio has
proved to me that they are not interested in my few dollars and I
am very sad about that. 

First, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

I realize that Rio is a large company and sometimes they probably
deserve to take some heat but I think, in general, it is rather
tiresome and unprofessional to post complaints about a company on a
large forum like Orchid. Have you attempted to speak to someone in a
more responsible position with Rio about your concerns? Do they
understand exactly what you are asking them to do? And finally, try
reversing your position - if a client was dissatisfied with your
service - how would you like them to attempt redress?

It is a simple matter, with a multitude of chat rooms and forums, to
casually smear a business or individual. Frankly, I’m more interested
in sharing on this forum that elevates and supports our

Donna Hiebert Design

HI I am disabled too and had the same reactions from Rio and a few
others I can’t believe your vohab is paying for it mine wanted me to
train for minimum wage work

Try here

no affiliation just a happy customer

Currently Under Construction…
Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry

I’ve used Santa Fe Jewelers Supply

and have really like them. A lot of their prices are better than Rio,
though they don’t have quite the selection. Hope they work for you!



Thank you for a very clear explanation of the W-9 issue. It is the
“governmental fine print” that is often the problem and not the

The pressure to increase tax revenues is going to make things like
this an ongoing issue: collecting taxes on out of state/mailorder
sales, Internet sales, etc.

Bill Churlik

Hi Pat,

I have no idea if Rio has changed its policy, but, when I was a
Rehab client, they were very good about supplying me, despite the
fact that I doubt they broke even. Are you talking to the
institutional sales people? I think the person who helped me was
named Joanna and was the team leader for that division.

If your system is similar to that in California, Rehab itself will
have to request a pro forma (essentially a bid), whenever you want to
order something. You will need to work with Rio to create the bid and
they will submit it; then (if the bid is accepted), Rio will have to
accept and ship from a a purchase order, and wait months to get paid
(this is the State’s way). If they have decided not to put themselves
through this hassle any more, I can’t say I blame them.

If you do get something worked out with them, be aware that, if one
item is back ordered when they receive the p.o., the entire order
will be put on hold. I was able to get around this by having my
counselor write, “please cancel any back ordered items” on the p.o.

I also worked with Otto Frei–what they stock (e.g. only half-hard
round in sterling wire), and what they will sell to students, is much
more limited, but John Frei is a sweetheart and never complained
about the hassles. If you talk to him, give him my warmest regards.

Lisa Orlando

Dear Andrea,

I cannot not swear that they did not try this, but I don’t believe
so…the other vendor’s quickly sent the w9 back by fax.

I have had an overwhelming response to my email and believe that I
will not bother Rio Grande with my problems.

I have order from Rio from time to time and I imagine I will
continue to do so…but I want to use these funds very wisely and I
think I have a better venue now.

Pat Everett, President

Eliminating the W-9 and other IRS invasions would be even better.
Reading about and supporting H.R. 25 the Fair Tax proposal will do a
lot to simplify the tax system and make April 15th just another
Spring day. It will eliminate the Income Tax and make American made
products more in line with foreign products. This happens when the
taxes that companies pay and embed in their prices goes away. People
that now avoid income taxes would be taxed when they purchase and
the amount paid by the rest of us would go down. There will also be
a rebate for basic needs so those with a low income would end up
paying little or no tax. Read the “The Fair Tax Book” to find out
more about it.

...Santa Fe Jewelers Supply

And on Wednesdays, you can get silver at a good price break - for
example, their 50 oz price for any quantity - I forget the actual
figures, but you can call them…

Ivy S. Fasko
Contemporary Handcrafted Jewelry