Suppliers for UK workers

Dear all, I am based in the UK (London) and I wondered if anyone
has any suggestions for good mail-order companies in the UK. I
realise that this will alienate about 99% of the list, but an
international list is an international list…

I’ll throw in a couple of places I have used and like, but I’d
welcome some other sources.

Kernowcraft in Cornwall are reliable and fast, turn around on an
order is less than 24 hours in most cases, if I order something
in the morning it’s usually waiting for me when I get home the
next day. Postage is about 3 pounds or less.

Kernowcraft, Bolingey, Perranporth TR6 0DH Tel: 01872 573888 Fax:
01872 573704 Web:

They are good for stones, some tools (bit pricey) and metals

Another place I have tried is Sutton Tools in Birmingham, again
they had a fast turn-around, but their prces are unbelievable. I
had to ask them whether these were retail or wholesale prices as
they seemed so low. I bought a whole load of stuff from them and
half my class went out and phoned them up after the next lesson.

Sutton Tools 37, Frederick Street Birmingham B1 3HN Tel: 0121 236
7139 Fax: 0121 236 4318

Both of these places have free catalogues.

Well, any you can send me on other UK jewellery
supply companies would be welcome and if you’re wondering why I
don’t go over to Hatton Garden? I work about the same hours that
the shops are open, so I can’t get there without taking a
half-day off!

Cheers everyone,

Alex Ball
Electron Microscope Unit
The Natural History Museum
London SW7 9BD

Tel 0171 938 8973/9348
Fax 0171 938 9268

Alex Try Burhouse on 01484 655675 for stones (rough and finished)

  • wholesale only and Minimum order UKP50 but good stock and
    quality. Stones in smaller quantities, and higer prices,
    available from Manchester Minerals 0161 480 5095. I agree
    wholeheartedly about Suttons, try Exchange Findings 0171 831 7574
    (Hatton Wall) for a similar range and precious metals as well.
    All will send catalogues

The Natural History Museum - now there’s a place I could while
away a week or two!

Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary
Ulverston, Cumbria, England