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Supplier needed

Hi Everyone, I have a customer that is looking for a really huge 8"
men’s bracelet. By huge I mean 75+ grams. I have one supplier
(America’s Gold) that show these items in their catalog but they
do not stock them. I have tried inquiring about the possibility of
a back order, but a language barrier exists and I haven’t been able
to get very far with them. Does anyone out there know of a
supplier? Thanks in advance. Steve D.

Try Dazzlers 1-800-421-0111 They have some huge link bracelets in
8" that weigh up to 118gr. I counted 11 over 85gr. Tammie

steve i can cast and finish any heavy chain in gold or silver i do
have a few molds of different pcs. e mail me if you need more info.


I specialize in roman link bracelets. I can make them in
different weights. So far the heaviest I have made was 55 grams in
18k and platinum. You can look at my web site at and see what I do. I would love to
help you.

Thanks Joe

Steven: Try Efune (F-une) Brothers USA, Inc., in Dallas, TX. They
are distributors of Fine Italian Jewelry, 14 & 18kt. They can be
reached at (800) 356-0475.20


Business Site:
Personal Site:
Roger W. Kitchens

May I ask you America’s Gold’s ph # or city locaiton at least so
I can order their catalog pls?


May I ask you America's Gold's ph # or city locaiton at least so
I can order their catalog pls?

America’s Gold number is 800-621-3618. Their line of jewelry is
what I would call "urban style"
Many thank for the offers to fabricate a bracelet and for
suppliers. I was able to locate a high quality bracelet from T & T
Jeweler’s, Inc. Although it is a bit flashy for my taste (78
grams) the design of the link and the quality of the workmanship
made up for the size. Check out T & T’s catalog, they have a large
variety of unique chains. Their number is 800- 521-2473 Again,
thanks. Steve D. Baltimore, MD