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I’m not sure if this would be considered the proper place for what I
want to know. In short, I am thinking about ordering some items
from either Fire Mountain Gems, Urban Maille Chain Works, or Tripps.
In the past, I think all of these places have been listed in the
header of the Ganoksin digest. If anyone has experience (good, bad,
or otherwise) with any of these companies, I would like to hear
about your opinion of the company.

Ganoksin’s “Guide to Industry Web Sites” offers a platform for
sharing experiences dealing with suppliers and services.

By way of introduction, I am a retired aeronautics company metal
worker. I have experience in handling small, detailed parts and
items. I also have experience in different forms of what some could
call “designer art.” I work with leather both in wearable items
(handbags, slippers, and billfolds), and in more custom items. Some
of what I plan on making could incorporate leather, silver (or
gold), and precious stones (tourquois, rubies, saphires, etc.).

Thank you for the
Jim Good

Fire Mountain Gems 

I order from FMG frequently, mostly findings or sale items that are
super buys (but prefer to see beads before buying). They are very
fast, compliant about returns, and fairly good value, though shows
are better if there are any near you. Their product knowledge of gem
materials is spotty - you may not always get a correct answer on a
questionable identification. But they do try to note all known
treatments and proper identification of their materials.


Firemountain is good … I never had any problems with them (even tho
exporting to UK!) also Rio Grande give good service but more limited

Fire Mountain Gems @ Ganoksin

Help others make informed buying decisions with Fire Mountain Gems.
We welcome your opinions and experiences with their products,
ordering, customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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Finally, one that I can actually answer!

James, I have ordered from Fire Mountain Gems and can tell you of my
experience. While I have been disappointed in some items, and their
prices are definitely not the lowest, I still order certain things
from them for several reasons:

  1. Their customer service is excellent (they even give you a small
    gift with every order - not much but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy
    inside - kind of like the lolli-pop from Stuller!).

  2. The quality of many of their items is excellent for the price.
    For example, I buy Sterling Silver toggle clasps in bulk from them.
    They are gorgeous, and fairly inexpensive if you buy the largest
    quantity to get the largest price break. Be careful though, I have
    been disappointed in the quality of some of the cast items. If you
    want to email me off list, you can tell me what you want to buy and
    I’ll tell you if I have experience with that particular item.

  3. They have a relatively fast shipping department when compared to
    other West Coast suppliers (obviously, I don’t know where you are,
    maybe this doesn’t matter to you at all, but I’m on the East Coast,
    and it matters to me).

  4. They have some things that I can’t find elsewhere.

I hope I have helped a bit!

Allison Birney
LouiLoui Designs…Color Your Life!


I’ve heard wonderful things about Urban Maille. Although I’ve never
purchased from them, since I don’t make chain maille, I’ve heard
from many others that the quality of the rings is excellent. The
owner is very friendly and helpful - that I know first-hand.

Fire Mountain Gems has good customer service, and when I’ve ordered
from them, the quality of the items I’ve ordered was good. I
generally only order things from them that I can afford to buy in
large quantities, because their quantity price breaks make the per
item price significantly lower.

I don’t know anything about Tripps, so I can’t help you there.

– Leah

Have you ever heard of CGM? They are a supplier in Los Angeles.
Great prices.

I have been ordering from Tripp’s for years, and have found them
easy to work with, and their settings are very good.

Janet Kofoed

Hi Folks…

Bought from Fire Mountain a number of times… Great customer
service and speedy shipping…Their strength is their beading
offerings…but they also have settings, chains, stones and some

Bought from Tripps a number of times also…Their strength is their
Easymounts…rings, pendants, earrings…and they have chains,
stones and some tools (more than Fire Mountain)…Tripps has a decent
selection of wire and sheet…in gold and sterling… Also great
service and shipping…

The usual disclaimers here…

Gary W. Bourbonais
A.J.P. (GIA)