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Supplier for sterling or fine silver tubing- large sizes?

Is anyone aware of a supplier who would carry large size tubing like the one pictured here? This is brass tubing used as a blank for cuff bracelets. I cant seem to find a supplier anywhere who has the same thing but in either sterling silver or fine silver. This blank is 1" wide by 2 5/8" in diameter. Any help is appreciated- thanks!

It’s easy enough to make, why buy it?

Jerry in Kodiak

Hi Jerry- I should have clarified why I was asking! I don’t have access to soldering equipment in my home studio, so I was looking for an easier way.

There is a company in NY that sells sterling and fine silver,
sheet, wire tubing, discs, solder, chain, etc. I have a friend
who speaks highly of them. I have heard a one unhappy story.

Good luck. Mary A

Metalliferous Inc

34 W 46th St #3, New York, NY 10036

One of my early tasks as a beginning silversmith 10 years ago was to make a seamless gilding metal cuff from a disc. This entailed sawing a circle from the interior then using a hammer and a cylindrical steel stake. I realise this could not compete with bought tube for speed of production! I’m somewhat tempted to repeat the exercise with sterling silver.