Supplier for Ring Guards


I am looking for a ring guard that is similar to the Xact-Fit. I
have called a list of suppliers and heard the factory that
manufactured the Xact-Fit burned down and he is not going to rebuild.
It seems that most of the suppliers have substituted the Xact-Fit with
a product called Fit-Rite. The Fit-Rite does not meet my needs. The
Xact-Fit had a band spring inside of it which is exactly what I need
for this situation. They were wonderful. I have tried the new plastic
ring guards that Rio now carries, but my customer did not like them
since they would pop off the ring. I am unable to solder these rings
or I would use the ring balls or an adjustable ring shank. She also
wants to keep the expense down so the Xact-Fit would have been perfect
for her. Any one know of something similar that might work or have
some extra Xact-Fits they want to sell? I would very much appreciate
help in solving my dilemma. Thanks in advance.

We have had drizzle weather for the past 2 days, our gardens are
going to be blooming when the sun finally does come out.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
Willits, CA, USA
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