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Supplier for Pet. Palm Wood?

Hi everyone!

I am returning with yet another question. Currently I have been
working a lot with petrified palmwood. My orginal source for the
material only receives peices once and year and has been out for
quite some time. Therefore, I have begun my search for
reasonably priced yet good quality stones. Any ideas?

Have you tried Dr. Barbara Smigel at Artistic Colored Stones?
She usually has a few pieces a month, but she might know where to
get more quantity. Go to

Good Luck!

Shari VanderWerf
Vanguard Studio

If you’re looking for rough palm wood, I highly recommend John
Haney of Thompson Marketing in Denver. He always has a large
supply of palm on hand in a variety of colors. His phone number
is 303-296-8268. He also has a good supply of various kinds of
petrified wood, fossil Temski fern, and dino bone.

Boulder, CO

Try Jason Penn…(520) 793-3825…I’ve bought several nice
palm wood cabs from him. He does great work and has many other
unique stones as well Mollie Arnette in the mountains of North

A source for Petrified Palm is:

The Slab House
Wayne & Mary Trammell
rt 3 box 262
Stephenville Texas 76401

Or Bill Trammell 
506 Tanner
Cleveland Texas 77327

E Mail good Mar 99 and after They Had quite
a bit of good material at the Austin Gem show this weekend. Jesse