Supplier for deer suede lace?

I’m looking for a supplier of the thin deer suede lace. Not the
stiff, fuzzy, crafty stuff. I know I can cut it myself, but I need it
for a line of lower-priced items, and adding more labor to the
equation would defeat the purpose.

Thanks -
Courtney Hipp
Courtney Graham Hipp
cgHipp Jewelry Designs


Try This is a leather goods company that has
been in business for decades, and although they cater mostly to folks
doing Western-style tooling and saddlery, you can get just about any
leather item there. I don’t know about deer suede (not a commonly
available leather), but they do have deerskin (with the grain on) and
goat or calf leather lacing, both of which will be thin and supple.
The deerskin also has the advantage of incredible stretchiness and
tensile strength. The thick fuzzy stiff stuff is probably split
cowhide, not helpful in jewelry applications.

I’ve also seen pig-suede leather lacing in the past, which is
extremely thin, but still quite strong, and has an interesting grain.

Hope this helps!
Jessee Smith

Came across this site recently, and can’t say for sure they have
what you want, but it’s worth a look. Also, Google other outfits that
specialize in Native American Crafts. They have all the things needed
to make the costumes and equipment used at the big PowWows and
shows. Also, use the term lacings, not lace, which is something else

Good luck,