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[Supplier] Custom diamond burrs for lapidary carving

Fellow Orchidians: Can anyone help me find a supplier of custom
diamond burrs for lapidary carving? I want several particular shapes
in fairly large sizes–as much as 25mm in diameter. But I have not
been able to find them through any of the lapidary supply catalogs in
my collection. Nor have I been able to find them through any of the
online sellers of burrs. Nor have I been able to find anyone willing
to commit to producing these shapes for me. I have been in contact
with both Mountain Mist and Daniel Lopacki. Both are considering my
needs but neither has been able to tell me when or if they can meet
these needs. Let me hasten to add that this is not a knock on either
firm. I have done business with both and have been very pleased with
both the products and the service. The people at both firms are great
to work with.

Meanwhile, my search continues. I have even been in contact with
Hector Jones Ltd. in New Zealand, but no luck so far. To be fair, I
will admit that I only looked at 532 listings from my online
searches. Does anybody have any suppliers they can suggest?

Michael Conlin

You might give A Cut Above (1-800-444-2999) a call. They deal with
all sorts of mfgrs of diamond products. I have been VERY HAPPY with
them over the years.

John Dach

Try the following website. I read somewhere on their website they
will manufacture drills to customers specs.

Diane Sadel

Michael, Please try I know them to be
honorable and reliable. They would have no clue as to whom I am, just
a customer. Teresa

Hi Michael. Try some of your back Lapidary Journals. Check the
article and project index. In the last few years there have been a
number of articles and workshops on gem and stone carving and at
least one of them discussed shaping your own tools (of wood, I
believe) and charging them with diamond pastes.

For the larger sizes, you might need to drive a large nail into a
wooden ball or dowel blank, chuck it after removing the nail head and
shape it while it turns. (Insert usual advice about safety
precautions and eye protection here.)

Pam Chott

 Can anyone help me find a supplier of custom diamond burrs for
lapidary carving? 

Contact Bill Ritter He is a rep who handles
standard and custom-made diamond tooling.

Brad Smith
Los Angeles

Michael, I have had the same problem finding accurate specialty
diamond tools. What I have ended up doing is having the tool blank
made at a local machine shop then having a diamond plating company
plate the tool. It is quite expensive, averaging $75 USD per tool,
but I get a precision tool with less than .001 run out at the end of
a 2.75 inch tool spinning at 3,000 rpm. $75 USD usually covers the
machining, plating, and shipping. It gets less expensive when you
make quantities of 100. Larger tools may be more expensive. You
will have to do the research. I cut many expensive gems with these
tools therefore the cost is actually minimal when compared to the
finished product. Specialty products usually are better made than
the mass production, run smoother and last longer.

Gerry Galarneau @Gerry First competition
of the year is Tucson September 5-8. We will be at the
Holidome, Barcelona Room.