[Supplier] Casting Equipment

I was hoping thatone of you might have a recomendation for a
supplier of lost-wax casting equipment. (I’m looking for a
starting setup, probably centrifugal) Thanks.

Aloha Daniel, I’m pretty sure Gesswein (Eliane you out there!) or
Rio Grande can fix you up. I would reccommend the Ney (NeyCraft)
oven and spin caster. The oven is well insulated(some mdels have
a built-in therm-minder). The spin caster is self contained (no
wash tub to buy, the whole thing spins) , safe and a very nice
approach to counterbalancing (remove the weight for small
flasks,and put in the appropriate slot for med. or lg. flasks).
It can take flasks to 4 1/2 inches. Hope this was of help.

Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking

Bourget Bros in Ca. are probably the most reasonable for the
basic essentials and then there is Rio Grande or Swest and any
number of suppliers, but would suggest you check in Lapidary
Journal and some of the used jewelry sites on the internet (rio
has a used site).

I would highly recommend the Gesswein Co., 255 Hancock Ave.,
Bridgeport CT 06605 USA (Phone: 800-544-2043, Fax: 203-335-0300)
for casting equipment and many other jewelers tools and supplies
as well.

Of course I MIGHT be a little bit prejudiced since I work for
them. But working for them, I also know the company pretty well
and although we make mistakes from time to time (we are made of
human beings after all), we REALLY REALLY care about our
customers and about the stuff we sell. We want you to be happy
with any purchases you make from us. So we have a money back
guarantee - if you don’t like the item for ANY reason return it
(in original packaging) and we will refund your money.

Also we ship same day and we offer very competitive pricing.
And last, but hopefully not least, now you know me. Its always
nice to have a personal “connection” within a company - someone
you can call on to say “help”. And if I can’t help you
personally, I can direct you to a person who can. So if you
decide to call us, please feel free to ask for me personally
(ext. 287, just mention the Orchid newsgroup). Please also ask
for our FREE Jewelers Catalog #45.

Best Regards,

Elaine E. Corwin
VP Technical Services
Phone: 1-800-544-2043
Orders: 1-800-243-4466
Fax: 203-335-0300
Email: gessweinco@aol.com
or email me personally: @ElaineEC
Gesswein Co., 255 Hancock Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605 USA

Hi Folks,

Elaine helped me with some back ordered products from Geswein.

You might also check into used dental equipment. The burnout
furnaces and casting machines are about the same. The
difference is usually cosmetic. New equipment can be gotten
from a dental supplier. I have used Zahn Dental Supply for
about 1000 years. You can get a free catalog by calling
1-800-496-9500. I have no affiliation with the company other
than being a very satisfied customer.


    "Bourget Bros in Ca. are probably the most reasonable for
the basic essentials" 

While Bourget is convenient, I would not call them the most
reasonable. They have a much larger mark-up than most places in
down-town L.A. If you can get there, I would recommend trying
“Soussian”, i’m sure the spelling is wrong. They are very
helpful and nice and gave me BOXES of “bonus wax” when I
purchased my Foredom from them. If anyone is interested and needs
to know the address or phone number, e-mail me and i’ll get it to
'ya. There are many other good places down town, but i’ve found
this one to the best for reasons of cost, availabililty,
niceness, and they carried my box downstairs for me because it
was so heavy. other places have not done this!

If you can’t get to downtown LA, i would recommend the Gesswein
catalogue… their e-mail is: gessweinco@aol.com their prices
seem pretty good.

…just my two cents…

Amery Carriere,
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