[Supplier] Beads on chain

Hello, Hope everyone is having a good summer and getting more sun
than we are in DC. I am working on a project and need to find
supplier for beads on chain, like they use for rosaries. The only
thing I’ve found so far is in the Rio Grande catalog that is both
nicer and more expensive than I wanted. I’m going to need a lot of
the chain so cheaper is better. Base metal with cheap glass or
plastic beads would be perfect. If anyone knows of a source that
sells retail please please let me know.


Hi Melissa, FWIW: There may be some rosaries made where the beads are
strung on chain, but I’ve never seen one. Usually, each bead is
strung on wire, which is then attached to a length of chain. Dave

Hi Melissa, Try Wolf Myrow in Providence R.I… They have a
warehouse basement full of thousands of chain. Every style known to
man!! Mostly common metals brass,copper steel etc. Give them a call
,They are wonder ful to deal with!!! Helen

Melissa, have you tried Fire Mountain Gems? They’re the king of
cheap, inexpensive, beads.