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Supliers in Canada



I’m trying to find out if there is a Rio Grande or equivalent
supplier in Canada as this is where i live. for me to purchase
supplies in the USA is just not cost effective with the very steep
duties i have to pay. can anyone help me here. I would greatly
appreciate any help I could get. thank you

Brock Hughes



Often it’s not the Duty but what they charge to customer clear it.
UPS is the worst (Read rip-off department $50.00$+ to clear a 6$
connector). I personally find DHL and Fed-Ex more 'reasonable" in the
front line couriers.

However the best all around deal is the good Old US Post office. Many
suppliers will ship this way if asked. I can get a shipment from the
US faster than a Shipment by mail from Vancouver to Rural Quebec. In
addition the customs clearance charged by the post office is a flat
5.00$ (plus gst / Pst, but if you buy in Canada you have that

Hope this Helps


Thank you Kay

this is interesting. By what you are saying a lot of the cost I’m
incurring is due to the shipper reaching into my pocket eh? sheesh
thank you Kay so much for your insite.




I’m sure the other more experienced folks here will have more
useful/extensive for you but I’ll offer my advice. Not
sure what specifically you’re looking for, but you could try: for general jewellery tools and such, they
seem to have a good variety is geared towards the chainmail crowd,
but they sell silver, goldfill, some gold, and niobium wire at good
prices, they even have some casting grain (sterling). They also
carry some beads, findings and clasps. They’re super handy if you
want pre-made jump rings. sells a wide variety of
metals/alloys (gold / silver) though I’ve not done much shopping

Good luck in your search. I’ll be watching this thread too, for the
same reasons you asked.

Mark Wells


good supplier in Canada is Bedrock in Edmonton. Also, I order a lot
of supplies from They are in the states, but they ship
to Canada for $1 and I’ve never had to pay any extra duty on their



Hi Brock,

I only fell into that trap once, then someone very kindly told me
about Stuller Canada. They drop ship from the US, great catalogues
and service. You’ll have to call Louisiana (toll free
1-800-877-7777) and jump through a few hoops before they’ll set up an
account but it’s worth it. Then you call Stuller Canada from then on.
Check out their web site. I’ve been dealing with them for years,
never any problems.

Good luck!