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Superift Shanks

I’ve got a client who needs a hinged shank due to severe arthritis.
She has fairly large fingers and the target size is 10.5 (Actual
finger size, not the knuckle size).

I have been looking at the available commercial offerings -
Superfit, Lockshank, and Reller’s Dovetail. Size 8 is the maximum
available in any them (which seems completely at odds with reason
since they’re designed for people with size issues).

I tried sizing a brass Superfit up just to see what would happen.
It went to the 10.5, but the locking mechanism clearly suffered and
the two sides no longer fit invisibly at the lock or the hinges.

I doubt that it will last as long as it should.

Any suggestions or comments on a solution would be appreciated.

Les Brown
L.F.Brown Goldwork, Inc.
17 Second St. East, Ste. 101
Kalispell, MT 59901

Hi Les,

If you use a reasonably heavy shank (rectangular stock) you can cut
the shank in half (3 o’clock & 9 o’clock) make a tight hinge on one
side and notch the opposite side to close like a snap. As long as
the shank is heavy enough the hinge and snap will hold up well and the
solid bottom of the ring will take the wear. You’ll also need a
small nub at the snap side so the customer can take it off.

If you look in the Stuller catalogue they sell a hinged shank that
opens at 3 & 9 too, but they have a thin bar hinged on one side and a
double bar hinged on the other. The thin bar lays inside the double
bar when closed. (looks sort of like the shanks of an engagement
ring/insert combo but without the bridges. This also snaps at the
side. A little pricey but works well.


You might like Creates Perfectly Fabulous Fit shanks. They are not
cheap, but at this point, I am convinced that they are the very best
in arthritic shanks. They are made in all sizes and widths and are
not dependent on the spring provided by either half of the shank.
Furthermore, they have a positive lock and are simple to open.

Not part of the company, just want to put in a plug for it.


Finger Mate. Orlando, Fla. They’ve been around for 25 years or so.
They are a little pricey and they make you buy this little jig (which
isn’t neccessary) if you want to install yourself and have them back
the warranty, but every one of my customers that I have assisted with
one of these, absolutely loves em.

The Dr.
(Director of Romance)

Hey Les

Why not just design one in Rhino and have it produced on a Sanders
or mill it (I’ll mill it for you if you want).

Jeffrey Everett

Hi there,

I just saw your notice in Orchid…Have you tried “Fingermate”? It
opens 3 sizes and goes up into large sizes…

	Finger Mate,Inc.
	2500 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd.
	Hallandale,FL 33009    888-458-2700

I have used them over the years and it’s a good company with a good
product. There is no dangling flap or any base metal used in it.
They can go up to 13 and have lots of widths. Hope this helps.

Sincerely, Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan
Donivan & Maggiora Jlrs.

   I've got a client who needs a hinged shank due to severe

That is because it is not a mechanism it’s a pretend lock. Yes a
fake! Interference fit is not a lock. (Taiwan paper ring technology)
Don’t be fooled by so called look a likes. You need to go to the real
thing that they imitated

Allan Creates
Perfectly Fabulous Fit Arthritic Shanks
P.O. Box 51 Cote St-Luc
Montreal, Quebec
Tel: 514-488-7553
Fax: 514-489-7299