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Superfit Shank

I have been installing superfit shanks for 3 plus years now.
I have installed them in ladies and mens rings, in 14k white and
yellow, 18k yellow and the real joy was doing a couple in
platinum. They are one of the most amazing things I’ve seen made
from gold or plat… I thought, from the precision and accuracy
that they were most likely made by a CAM milling machine. In
conversations with the guy that designed them and makes them,
they are cast. Some pretty accurate casting going on there!!
They are very easy to get ahold of and they will let you talk to
the techies in the shop if you need to, they are very
accomadating and great to work with.

George, The company name is," MAB Superfit", try that. Its
friday night and the phone # is at the shop I’ll send it to you
on monday.

The Shanks are great to work with. Once you get over the
superstition of wondering why they work so well and get to really
studying the mechanics of them, I have found that they are very
versitile. I have sized them up and down 2-3 sizes on many
occasions. I only suggest this after some experience playing
with them.

The instructions on installation and function from the company
are very helpful and also very important. If they are opened
wrong by an uneducated owner the results can be catastrophic.
This leads me to the one weakness of the superfit shank, which is
also one of its strengths. When it does come open, it opens all
the way and falls off. Many of the other kinds of shanks that do
not open all the way, will only be loose and sloppy and
noticable. But the superfit ring will fall off. We had 2 cases
of this within about 6 months(ouch) we traced both instances to
poor opening technique. We have since made sure that all
customers know the proper method and we strongly suggest that
they bring it in for an annual cleaning and inspection , at which
time we clean , polish, inspect,oil the mechanism and reeducate
the customer. I have found the customer that will pay for a shank
like this understands that it is an investment and understands
the theory of maintinance.

I am willing to help in any way I can, any advice on working
with and installing or modifying the shanks. E-mail or call me.

Good luck

Ray Holliday