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SuperEasy White gold solder


I’m trying to find white gold solder for 14K work with melting point
comparable to yellow gold’s and silver’s Extra Easy (or at least
Easy). The lowest I find is 1310Melt-1450Flow, which is like Ag
Hard. I’d like something that FLOWS at 1200 or at least 1300. I need
it for the final soldering on a complex piece with a lot of mirror
finish nickel white gold which is not accessable for polishing
afterwards, so I want to use as little heat as possible. Also don’t
want to use acetylene on it, as it has some easily meltable parts.

Janet in Jerusalem


I think I have what you need. 14kt Extreme easy flow plumb solders.
Based on a Gallium/Indium patented alloy, the color is only fair. The
best color flows at a higher temperature.

Daniel Ballard


Hi Daniel, I’ve always wondered where the term ‘plumb’ comes from in
’plumb solders’. Do you have a list of temps and properties for your
gold solders? Couldnt find it on the website. Is the color of the
14E Extreme veryb gray?

Janet in Jerusalem


Can you send me your email address? Send to

I hate to bore the whole group with dry solder specs. Email will
solve the time zones between us!

Daniel Ballard