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SuperCera Gold injection wax

I was one of the surprised and pleased recipients of a generous
amount of Castaldo’s SuperCera Gold injection wax. Michael, perhaps
I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve found that once it warms up in
my hand or by being tooled, it gets just as sticky and gummy as the
old blue stuff I was using. And when it’s cold, it’s so brittle that
I can’t carve it with anything without it shattering. Any


Hey Alan - I know what you’re talking about. I have a piece of that
yellow wax and it’s not the greatest. It does the same thing when I
try to work with it. About the only thing it seems to be good for is
to use it as a “setting bead” on top of a carving wax before it’s
cast. There is no depth of color in the yellow either, and the
details are almost impossible to see (I carve a lot of miniature
animals). I do use a green carving wax that I added white dye to that
works beautifully, but it’s not injectable… you have to melt and
mix it by hand and pour it into an empty mold frame to cool…
this doesn’t solve the problem of finding a carvable injection wax
though… I’m eagerly awaiting a solution as well. I’ll keep you
posted, and please keep in touch. Marge