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Super-fit arthritic shank?

I am going to use my first “Super-fit” ring shank for a lady who
needs it to be 1&1/2 sizes larger than the biggest one Stuller has.
the question is- dare I size it up? If anyone has experience with them
I beg to hear from you. The cost on the shank is $185.00 (it’s very
thick, size 8 and a patented design) and I don’t want to destroy it.
These are the best thing I’ve seen. They are hinged half way on one
side and have an invisible catch on the other side. They open up. They
don’t have to go over the knuckle! thanks to all, Patty Rios

If you send to superfit they will do it for you the first time is
free no labor charge. I have done several not to much trouble quinch
in oil. Sometime it is better to deal with the manufacture instead of Stuller.

This is a jig made for the installation of this type of shank. It
costs about $60.00 and the top part of the ring in line with the shank
to be installed. Makes it a piece of cake. I am at home and the
supplier is at my shop. If anyone is interested, please let me know
and I will send and/or post the contact TBear

Patty, I have manufactured my own hinged shanks, for this very
reason. I also didn’t want a factory shank on a one off ring. It’s
not that difficult, the clasps were like a bracelet, or watch
bracelet, clasp that folds over and snaps tight. Curtis