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Summer Shop Cleaning

I just finished the summer cleaning of my shop. It had become a mess from the work that I have been doing getting ready for the MacKenzie-Child Artisan Show in September. You can see pictures of my shop on the Shop Shot page under the More heading on my website:

The only differences, since I last posted pictures, is the new engraving bench that I built this past winter and the sink that I added a couple months ago. Adding the sink is the best thing that I have done in my shop for a long time…Rob


Hi Rob thank you for that inspirational virtual tour of your studio.
It is an absolute Alladin’s cave of a shop!
Congratulations for amassing such a treasure trove of tools.
I am just a hobby jeweller but I can dream!
I was thrilled to see you have an Orca torch which I have only just moved up to from the basic plumbers torch I started out with.
Are you happy with it?
Mine is just on propane.
All the best and enjoy your tidy shop!

Willie…I have an Orca (EZ Torch) on propane for annealing. My main torches are a Little Torch and Meco running on 1 lb. propane cylinders and a medical O2 concentrator. I too started with a plumbers torch on acetylene and used it for probably 35 years. I still miss it sometimes. Like when I want to do some plumbing or melt large quantities of brass. Otherwise, I am glad to have moved on. Regardless of the torch you use, you kind of get used to it and can do a lot of good work with it. I would be hard pressed to do what I do with just the EZ torch as my work has gotten more fine in detail and it doesn’t produce enough heat for the larger bracelets that I make. In the end, we tend to look for tool solutions when we really just need to learn to use what we have. I know, I have a lot of unused tools squirreled away that never get used. Don’t say just a hobby jeweller. I too am a hobby jeweler and have been for nearly 50 years and I thank whatever God there is that I never had to make my living making and selling jewelry. You are in the right place to ask questions and get answers. Good luck…Rob

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Hi Rob,

(ps i loved the picture of you and your wife in the shop pics! now we need a pic of Don!)

it might be nice to have a surface near the sink…for stuff…i got a cute petite little square stainless steel rolling “kitchen island” from costco…i adjusted the shelves to be able to roll it over the toilet to get some additional surface area…i have a kitchen dish rack on the shelf below…you have room for a bigger one🙌🏼


You are right about needing a surface nearby on which to put stuff that you just cleaned. You can’t see it in the pictures, but I have a small counter top space in front of the sink. I like rolling carts. I have one in my shop on which I have plumbed two vibratory tumblers. I don’t use them very often. They can be wheeled in and out of the main shop as needed. The picture was taken this spring at a wedding. I haven’t had a suit on in years. Sandy and I had a great time. Thanks for liking the picture. As for Don, do a search on The Flyin’ Column. Don has been a member of this local band for years…Rob

Hi Rob, Thank you for the photos, your shop is fascinating. And thanks for all you and Don do on this forum. We are lucky to have so many experienced folks willing to share so much.

Thank you Rob - very wise words - it is to easy to get seduced by the tool catelouges!

And too easy to leave the second o out of too! Duh!,

I do it all the time…Rob

Hi Don!