Summer schools

hi everybody, i am looking for a school to attend during the summer.
I am interested in learning metalsmithing techniques as well as
jewelry. I would like to go to a school for the summer that will be
intense and really worth it, any scholarship would be
wonderful as well. im sure this question has been posted before, but
i havent seen it …thanks a lot… molly epstein

Dear Molly,

You might be interested in the school which I run in Ireland.

Michael Good and Lori Talcott are coming here from the US to run
workshops in 2001.

Details for Lori’s work shop not posted yet. Date 2nd July 2001.

Please see my web page. address below.

Brian Clarke.

Brian Clarke,
School of Metalsmithing, Ireland.
(NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS) @Brian_Clarke

Arrowmont has a work study program for students in the summer and of
course, anyone can pay for the week or session. You can get college
credit and study with varied talented instructors. The students become
very intense. I don’t know how early applications need to be in to be
considered. If I were you, I would do it as soon as possible. Other
craft schools such as Penland can be found as advertisements in
Metalsmith and Ornament.

Hi Molly; I would suggest you look into the Penland School in
Ashville, NC, (828-765-2359) or Appalachian Center for Crafts in
Smithville, TN (615-597-6801), as these will be beautiful places to
be in the summer. Society of North American Goldsmiths could
possibly give you (630-579-3272 - thier business office
number, but they might refer you to better editors,
perhaps). Please check out these sites too, they are of some of our
Orchid participants and are exemplary sources of

and. . .

David L. Huffman