Summer 2014 Workshops with Charles Lewton-Brain

Still places in foldfomring and advanced foldforming in the east
coast US

Hi All,

still spots available in nyc, near Boston, and New York. the Center
for Metal arts has spots, about an hour north of NY City.

Jewelry Arts Institute, New York City

This workshop delivers the system of hundreds of folds in four days.

You will learn to make folds in each of the main categories. Forms
are derived from the natural plasticity and ductility of the metal.

Shaping is extremely efficient and rapid " many forms are complete
in three to seven minutes. Tools are simple: fingers, hammer, anvil
and mill.complex relief forms are made from sheets of metal often in
one annealing. Forms made with this method resemble chased
constructed and soldered forms and can be made with most metals,
including steel. An excellent introduction, and enhancement of
understanding. 10am-5pm.

Center for Metal Arts

and in Boston:

August 9-10 (Saturday-Sunday)

This course is geared towards students who have experience with fold
forming, but want to take their work to the next level by exploring
more complex folds and realizing methods for integrating forms into
their artwork.come learn from the master and creator of this
original metalsmithing technique.

Executing the intricate folds can be tricky. Charles will spend the
first day of class reviewing folds by student request. The afternoon
will be complemented with hands-on time to practice making samples
with instructor guidance.

Fold forming structures and surfaces are applicable for jewelry,
hollow ware, enameling, anodizing, and more. The focus of the second
day of class will be to understand how to go beyond the samples to
incorporate fold-forming concepts into finished work. Demonstrations
include edge treatments such as upset, rolled, rolled with a wire
inside, and decking; and reviewing approaches to looking at and
cutting up samples to make them more interesting. Students are
encouraged to bring examples of their work (finished or unfinished)
so that at lunch, time can be spent giving feedback that will help
generate ideas and methods for taking this technique to the next

If there is strong interest, students will have the option of more
forming demos on the second day, as time allows.

Class Information
50 Guinan Street
Waltham MA 02451