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Suggestions for Colored Stone


Some more suggestions. Colred Stone -What is your mission
stsatement. To me your mission should be all about marketing of
Again go as a part of the diplomatic services and you
should get access to major manufacturers of jewelry that uses
gemstones in India, Thailand, Italy, etc. Ask the questions that are
important to consumers in the USA. How is the manufacturer assuring
the USA retailer that the money they are spending is not being used
to support terrorism? Ask questions and report do not editorialise.
Take pictures and report. How are the gemstone manufacturers ensuring
that the finished stones they are sellimg are properly identified.
Disclosure is the law in the USA. Ask the questions and report.
Follow the trail of the rough to the cutting to the manufacturing.
Again - report. Report…REPORT I am not interested in your

Gerry Galarneau

I find your publication informative, interesting, aware, and a Great
service to the jewelry community.

Your change in format was very welcome, and far easier to store and
cherish. The photographs are top class and appreciated.

Please be aware hardly anyone on Orchid is rude, I personally
apologize for the one sent publicly and meant to damage Colored

Teresa Masters
A long time subscriber.