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[Suggestion] Orchid Pin Production

Perhaps , If a pin design where chosen, I could offer to manufacture
such a pin in gold plated pewter with colored enamel ( similar to a
hat pin) about 1 " in dia/height .

We produce quantities of pins in pewter with 2 tone plating and
multiple color combinations for corporations that give these items as
gifts to their employees.

These could be sold from a website address Using visa cards and
profits could go to Dr Aspler/Orchid to help offset some of the costs
of running the site.

A design would have to be chosen and a model would need to be

A few designers have already made the offer to design pins( Lisa :slight_smile:
and others. If Dr Aspler would like , we could discuss this idea at
length off line. I would certainly be interested in helping out
wherever I can

Daniel Grandi