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Suggested Workshop fees

Hi, All, I have a friend who is looking to get on the “circuit” to
promote his method and system, with new tools, for doing wax
modeling and casting. I’m not only working up a list of schools,
studios, etc. that might be viable for him to do workshops at (he’ll
travel all over the country) but am also looking to ascertain one
and two day workshop fees. Obviously, the fees will need to cover
travel expenses, etc.

Any advice for the fee range he should charge as well as potential
schools to approach would be most welcomed and appreciated.
Orchidians, my thanks in advance

Check out the Metalsedge in Scottdale AZ they offer workshops and
classes through their facility.

Metals Edge Studio
2200 N Scottsdale Rd. STE: V&W
Scottsdale AZ 85257

Assist others in searching for the right school. If you are looking
to expand your vocabulary in art, or the proper way to sharpen a
graver, we welcome your education experience. Write an Anonymous

Shawna Lobmiller
Patania’s Sterling Silver Originals
Tucson, AZ