Sugar soap [Was: Solution for removing]

  Only one thing though - you had better have some water or
your usual cleaner solution in the bath (I use sugar soap
solution!) and immerse the extra vessel in it as ultra sonic
baths don't last long when run without a liquid in them. 

Alright, I�ll ask. What is �sugar soap�?

Marilyn Smith

G’day Marilyn; Sorry - I had no intention of trying to be
enigmatic! Sugar soap is a powder which is used by house
renovators to add to hot water when walls, floors, etc, need to
be thoroughly washed down and degreased before repapering,
painting or in the case of furniture, repolishing. The stuff I
use is called Polywash and sold in NZ Supermarkets. What is it?
Don’t really know, but I suspect that it contains tri-sodium
phosphate, sodium carbonate, and detergent. Maybe a bit of
powdered pumice? Whilst not what I would really call caustic,
one does need rubber gloves when using it to clean walls etc.
Why do I use it? because it is good for cleaning jewellery in an
ultrasonic device. But why that particular stuff? A bit like
climbing Mt Everest; ‘because it is there’. (In my cupboard!) Hope
that cleans up things a bit! Cheers,

       / /    John Burgess, 
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     / //\    @John_Burgess2
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It’s available at my local hardware as TSP (tri-sodium
phosphate). I bought a large box to wash walls before painting
and I still have a large box full! Maybe you’ve suggested a way
for me to get rid of it!

Dick Caverly

John, I use a similar product, but I add it to the “crock pot”
(hot water) next to my buffer. Then I take a tooth brush and
brush a bit to get the excess gunk off! Love that expression

Hi there John, I enjoy the differences in word meanings between
the various English speaking cultures. Surely Americans whom I
assume to be the majority of Orchid members, sometimes confuse
and humor you with an expression or product. At least in Indiana,
we can no longer buy detergents in the supermarkets that contain
trisodium-phosphate. We can buy it in paint stores for wall
preparation and it�s not illegal to use it. It�s just not in
general products anymore. Marilyn Smith